In the aftermath of a third world war the historian J C Dunne realizes that he can no longer use traditional academic disciplines to explain how the war came about. In his search for answers he reflects on his own life to trace those underlying trends that led to the world breaking down. 'Notes' is a blend of Quinn's own research and imagination in a compelling read; prescient and disturbingly plausible.


Terry Quinn is a retired NHS Medical Engineer. His previous poetry collections are ‘away’ (Poetry Monthly Press), ‘The Amen of Knowledge’

(Indigo Dreams Publishing) which won the 2012 Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize and ‘To Have to Follow’ (IDP) a collaboration with Julie Maclean. His poems have been published widely in UK magazines, anthologies, broadcast and displayed on a Guernsey bus. He is actively involved with Damson Poets and Preston Poets.



ISBN 978-1-912876-43-3
34 pages
£6.00 +P&P

Terry Quinn

Notes on the Causes of the Third World War by J C Dunne

from A View from Above
There is a photo
taken from the Space Station.
I have it on my office wall…
I remember the furore
when the crew updated it
posting Earth divided
by a broad black band…
…The Third’s World.
My wife didn’t think it was funny.

Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd., 24, Forest Houses, Halwill, Beaworthy, Devon EX21 5UU





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